May 31, 2014


-Picture by my dearest friend Mireia Mora (more to come...!)-

Sometimes people ask me how can they follow my blog, and since I don't know in a decent way how does Google + works I have my own methods (planning on doing an intensive research on how to promote my blog this upocoming weeks when school is over!). 


You can also follow my tumblr (which is completely different from my blog and I reblog amazing stuff daily) STRAWBERRY-SOUL

You can check out my instagram for more personal pictures: @janiraplanes

And I'll find more ways for sure! ;) (Also you can click in the right side of the screen and find a place where you can see my profile and follow this blog)

And of course... Thank you so, so, so much for reading and don't be shy and comment! Xoxoxoxox

P.D:Wish me luck! Exams are coming! (btw good luck to everyone who's on exams,yes we can!)

Love, Janira x

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