December 16, 2013

Paris seen through Janira's Choice (Part 1)

Hello my little fellows! This year in order to celebrate my Sweet Sixteen we went to Paris (Yaaaaaay!). It was my b-day present and, honestly, it has been, for now, my favorite present ever (well, my beloved mac must be jealous now... hahaha just kidding). Here you can find some of the pictures we took during the the journey (I took most of them but obviously the one's in which I appear were took by my family (Bro/Dad/Mum)) . These pictures are from some of the most seen places, but I hope that you like them and appreciate the beauty of this  super-duper-photogenic city. It is truly a beauty. 

P.S: Since there are many pictures I've decided to show you first the best quality ones (made with a reflex camera) and in another post I'll show you all the other places we went to and explain everything a little bit more:) See you really soon!

Hola! Este año para celebrar my dieciséis cumpleaños fuimos a París. (Bieeeen!). Fue mi regalo de cumple y, sinceramente, creo que  ha sido el mejor hasta la fecha (bueno, mi querido mac debe estar celoso ahora mismo... jajaja, es broma!). Aquí os enseño algunas de las fotos que hicimos durante el viaje (la mayoría las hice yo, pero, obviamente en algunas salgo yo no¿? jaja). Son fotos de los lugares más vistos, pero espero que se pueda apreciar bien la belleza de una ciudad que tildaría sin duda de extremadamente fotogénica. Es realmente preciosa. 

P.D: Debido a que tengo muchas fotos que enseñaros, he decidido mostrar primero las de mejor calidad (hechas con una cámara réflex) y en otra entrada ensenyaros los otros (muchos) sitios a los que fuimos y explicar todo un poquito más:) Nos vemos muy pronto!

-The famous Arc de Triomphe-

-Some x-mas decorations during daytime-

-Le Grand Palais-

-Le Grand Palais-

-Le Petit Palais (which, btw, is not little at all, as you can see)-

-Pont Alexandre III-

-Le Grand Palais-

-Me filming, or let's say, capturing the moments and the essence of Parée-

-Tired but still happy face (excuse the hair and sleepy face, hihi)-

-Le Tour Eiffel, but I don't think it needs any presentation, right?;)-

-Champs Élysées from another perspective;)-

- Pont des Arts-


-Here I was like; c'mon take the freaking picture or my eyes will melt hahaha-

-End of Versailles-


(Pictures by my dad, here I was filming:))

-Can you see that the Tour Eiffel Shadow points to Sacre Coeur?-

-Sacre Coeur-

Love, Janira x