May 20, 2014


(written on friday)-So as an inspiration today I'm going to share w/ you one of my greatest passions besides fashion, which is without doubt DESIGN! This post is focused on interior design as well as some beautiful exteriors. Check it out and tell me what you think about it! 

P.S: Plus I am so so so excited for next school year to begin since I am going to have design as a school subject! Yeyyy (and I've just decided it this morning since I didn't knew that it existed... poor me I was going to choose spanish literature (wow so cool cervantes is so fun, right?) Thanks God some superpower from heaven illuminated me and I realized that I could do Design! haha) 

P.S.2: Don't get me wrong I looove to read but, seriously I think that some school books are quite boring... don't you?

What are you going to see... amazing interior plus some exterior places which keep me inspired and motivated! If only I could have some money and buy a house and decorate it all by myself... one day someday! (definitely yeeeeees!) 

Kisses! Are them your style, or do you like other kinds of decoration (like more gipsy/hippie like, or more minimalist, or more rococo?) 

Love, Janira x

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