June 29, 2014

Photography, as simple as that

Photography, because it captures beauty in places that some would never have thought of them as pretty. Photography because it enhances our personality. Photography to express ourselves. Photography to change the world, to make us believe, to improve and acquire excellence. Photography, my friend. 

"I think you look at the world differently when you are a photographer; you find beauty in things people find ordinary- and with that you can create magic. Sometimes it’s something you’ve planned for a long time, and sometimes it’s just something you stumble across. You see the beauty in a trickle of light reflecting in a murky rain puddle next to the gutter. Really, it’s the little things like these. You find grace in imbalance, allure in prosaic, and charm in drab." 

Little text (and picture) from the blog peaceloveshea.com which explains a photographer's view in a way that I couldn't agree more, because as one time the great Andy Warhol said, "ALL IS PRETTY."

sources: tumblr, kayture, peaceloveshea.

Love, Janira x

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