March 12, 2014


-Stella McCartney Paris Fashion Show, March, 2014-

Inspiration, inspiration, inspiration... it's all about visual impact, so for now here you have some of my favorite Street Style looks from this last Paris Fashion Week, definitely check them out since they are AWESOME. They really catch my eye and I truly believe that Street Style is where fashion is seen most, and where we get to know more about people. I truly and totally adore Street Style (ahhhhsavhgvgaskvcbdhsvbcsav, don't ask, you better don't ask... this are the kind of things I type when I am way too exited, but I think it's GREAT to be excited, don't you? haha okey I better shut up... let's get this post started!) 

Inspiración, inspiración, inspiración... el impacto visual lo es todo en las semanas de la moda y en las fotografías de Street Style. Así que aquí tenéis mis looks favoritos de la semana de la moda de Paris. Espero que os gusten tantísimo como a mi!;)

-That's Anna Dello Russo and I think she's awesome... just keep rolling and see more from her-

-Miroslava Duma wearing DelPozo-

-Love this couple: Olivia Palermo and Johannes Huelb-

Sources: Vogue, Collage Vintage.

Love, Janira x

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