August 6, 2015


I really wanna write. Like really. It just happens to me that every time I am determined to do it something happens. Like now, I’m almost going to pee on myself if I don’t stop wirting so that’s what I’m gonna do. Okay so once I’ve done that I’m gonna start explaining myself (as if I could, duh). (okay that was unnecessary but I needed to take it all out haha)

Well, fist of all none of this makes sense if you don’t know me or you don’t know my voice. Well, it actually makes sense (or that’s at least that’s what I hope) but I just love imagining the writers voice whenever I read a book. Like two seconds ago (more like a day ago) I finished reading “NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL” by Lena Dunham and OMG she’s a total genious. She writes so hilariously (don’t even know if that word does even exist) and she’s so raw and honest. What I envy admire most about her writing is that it all sounds really effortlestly explained. Like as if she was writing down everything as it crosses her mind, without any ornaments or whatsoever that embellishes the story she’s telling. Back to what I was saying about the author’s voice I’ve heard lena talk quite a few times and the whole book felt as if she was a friend of mine explaining her problems and situations to me. It was really nice and also a little weird. I really liked the book. Right now (July 27th of 2015) I’m on the 10th chapter of season one “GIRLS” serie and I am freaking loving it. You know when you start a book one day and you just find it incredibly awful or boring and just leave it alone and few months or years after you start reading it again and you love it? That’s what it just happened to me with “GIRLS”. I saw the first chapter right when it launched and I honestly couldn’t stand it. It felt miserable and dull and basically I was bored while warching it. I was 14 years old back then. Now I am 17 and I can relate a little bit more to the series (eventough the girls are around 25 in the serie). There’s some things I find really addicting about whatching “GIRLS”:

-me and my book, an endless love affair (okay just kidding, but I love it)-

1.I really want to write every time I see Lena (or should I say Hannah) talking about it. It just motivates me (actually I am writing this with a chapter stopped at minute 14, just had an uncontrolably rush to write).

2.I really love Marnie and I think that’s because she’s the character that I can relate the most to. She’s elegant and beautiful and aspires to have a life with beautiful things around her. She’s organized and responsible and she’s so charming. She's also a perfectionist which I, undoubtedly, am.

3.On the other side I can also relate to Jessa about being free and regretless and all that stuff. Mostly beacuse she’s kind of a wanderlust and I am such a sucker for travelling so there you go. However most of the time she pisses me of.

4.In fact I think I can relate a little with all of the characters (and I kind of wonder why I'm writing this article in a numbered list, duh, whatever). A big part of me loves Marnie and finds herself something quite like her. Another part of me enjoys Jessa and her crayziness (but also hates when she’s unresponsible or careless). Hannah just grosses me out except for when she thinks about writing (because she’s kind of a drama queen and loves to provoke situations in order to write about them later which is something I kind of understand because she has like this great passion for it). And then there’s Shoshanna (okay I just had to look that up can’t even pronounce it sometimes haha) which I kind of hate all the time because of her insecure self  but can of sort of relate when she’s being a fan girl about some things… I am somewhat unsure about her. I don’t like her and it makes me want to punch her in her face every time she starts whining but I kind of miss her when she’s not in the scene. Weird me. 

5.This series make me think a lot about me and about what I want in life and I love that. It also makes me realize that I am an odd girl (which I already knew anyways). 

When I first started writing this article I wanted to make it like a “list of weird things that come into my mind while thinking” or something like that but in my opinion I wrote a great review about “GIRLS” and Dunham so I’m just going to write another article about that. (again, unnecessary explanation, there you go).

Talk to you soon,

apologies for my lack of posting lately

Love, Janira x

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