April 5, 2014


Backpacks are this season new "must-have", and I have to say that it comes a little weird to me since I am still going to school and 2 years ago I ditched the backpack for a more girly bag, so... should I go back to backpacks? Definitely if someone bought me this trendy Chanel one I wouldn't complain at all;)

Las mochilas son el nuevo "must-have" de esta temporada, y pensándolo bien me es un poco extraño ya que como estudiante que soy, hace 2 años decidí cambiar la mochila por una bolsa más femenina... así que, debería volver a las mochilas? Definitivamente si alguien me comprara esta Chanel no me quejaría;)

So... moving on to the diversity of backpacks we can find first I'll show you the "mother backpack" that every young boy or teenage wears... they are from EASTPAK, and you may have heard of them... it's simple design and variety of colors makes the difference... they are functional and cool.

Seguramente las que estéis aún en el cole conoceréis a ESTPAK, ya que es la marca más usada y en parte creo que se debe a su funcionalidad y simplicidad. Un modelo, infinitas opciones de color!

Then of course we have the luxury versions for fashion lovers who want to follow the trends but in a stylish way... check out net-a-porter and their amazing backpacks!

Y finalmente tenemos las versiones luxe de las mochilas, porque ante todo: GLAMOUR! (vía net-a-porter)


Alexander Wang wearing one of his creations;)

Love, Janira x

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