September 17, 2013

Fashion World Issues

Hey guys! Little "fashionweekpoststop" if that makes any sense, haha. Maybe you are all over there like wtf?¿? why is she stopping the "fashionweekposting"? (Hell yeah I should be a rapper, did you notice last sentence?haha) Jokes apart, I felt the need to. This afternoon, thanks to Kayture, I found this video. It's funny (or should I say sad?) how the people that are going to the fashionweek lie while they're being interviewed, as you can see when the reporter asks them about a non-existent designer and all they say is... yee, I really like the structures from that show, or yee men I don't know a lot but I like what I've seen, EXCUSE ME?!?! YOU LITTLE LIAR, HAHAHA... I loooooove fashion, but as far as I loooooove fashion I don't get on too well with that side of the fashion world that only cares about appearances (the same as buying an item just because it's from a brand, not because the fabrics or the design). It's not bad at all to say; sorry, I don't know that brand, is it good? Or sth. like: please, could you tell me the name, I'm going to look that designer up on google, and THAT WILL BE ALL, DON'T BE AFRAID OF NOT KNOWING, JUST BE AFRAID OF NOT WANTING TO KNOW (unless you don't want to know more about maths, dear people, I trully understand ya' all)

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Love, Janira x

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